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Efficiency and Safety of Ice Bath Chillers

A high-efficiency ice bath chiller can lower the water temperature effectively in a shorter amount of time.

 >Efficiency and Safety of Ice Bath Chillers

What defines a high-efficiency ice bath chiller ?

A high-efficiency ice bath chiller can lower the water temperature effectively in a shorter amount of time.

Does the ice bath chiller have a fuse?

Ice bath chillers do not have a fuse but are equipped with a leakage protection device to ensure safety.

Can the chiller adjust the ozone disinfectant level ?

Yes, we have added an industry-specific ozone flow control valve to the ozone system, allowing users to freely adjust the ozone disinfection time and ozone level.

Does the chiller get hot ?

Any electrical device generates heat during operation, but the ice bath chiller will not get excessively hot. It remains safe to use.

How does the chiller affect ambient temperature ?

The chiller expels warm air during cooling and cold air during heating, which can affect the ambient temperature.

What is the lifespan of an ice bath chiller ?

Our ice bath chillers are designed to last about 10 years. If used frequently, the refrigerant needs to be replenished every 2 years to ensure normal operation.

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