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Quality of Water Chillers


How do we ensure the quality of Water Chiller ?

In our cold bath machine quality assurance system, we rigorously implement a series of tests and checks to ensure that each unit meets the highest standards, providing users with reliable products.
Chiller water circuit test

Water Circuit Quality Assurance Testing

Firstly, we conduct a water pressure test to ensure that the water system does not leak under high pressure during normal use. Additionally, we perform an air pressure test, charging 20 bar of pressure, to ensure the copper pipe welding is secure without any leakage points.

Smart Control System Testing

In terms of the circuit, we conduct three different mobile network tests to ensure the proper functioning of the cold bath machine’s intelligent control system. This meticulous testing ensures the stability and reliability of the equipment.

Smart Control System Testing
Aging Testing Procedures

Aging Testing Procedures

Our 800-square-meter aging workshop features 50 testing stations, with each machine undergoing at least 8 hours of aging testing. This not only guarantees comprehensive coverage of inspections but also provides detailed aging test data recorded in the backend for customer reference.

Packing and Shipping Quality Assurance

Finally, we place great emphasis on quality during the packaging and shipping stage. We use export-specific wooden boxes and colored boxes, complemented by heavy-duty packing materials and foam padding to ensure the cold bath machine remains undamaged during transportation.

Packing and Shipping Quality Assurance

Through this rigorous series of quality assurance measures, we are committed to providing users with an exceptional cold bath experience, ensuring each cold bath machine is a high-quality, reliable, and safe product.

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