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UV spot light

Model No.:             DG2L-N36

Cooling way:         Air cooling

Wavelength:            365nm

Emitting size:              D4-12

Irradiate intensity:    3w/cm2

No. of the lamp:            1-4

Power per lamp:         50w

Control method:       5-32vDC

Irradiate distance:   1-8mm

Input:               AC220V/50HZ

Lifespan:                 20000H

Datasheet :

Model No.DG2L-N36Cooling wayAircooling
Emitting size(mm)D4-12No. of the lamp1-4
Irradiatedistance (mm)1-8Power per lamp (W)50
Irradiationintensity (W/cm2)3Control method5-32vDC
Ambient temperature(℃)0-50Lifespan (H)20000

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