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The LED UV-irradiated polyethylene cross-linking equipment is developed by Yongcheng Group, the equipment uses imported LED chips. The energy consumption of equipment is 70% less than that of old model. The cross-linking speed is two times or above of the original. The new technology solves the problem of thick insulation and slow speed, its volume is small , the design is more reasonable, instead of the steam cross-linking process, improves the production efficiency greatly.

1、Equipment Feature

(1)Adopt Pneumatic flip to start tunnel structure, convenient for operation, cleaning, and wire taking;

(2)Using smart touch man-machine interface, monitoring data, operating button power settings are all done on the touch screen interface

(3)One-key start function and single start coexistence

(4)The cooling method adopts the refrigeration machine, the circulating medium adopts the special antifreeze liquid for the car; the external smoke removal mechanism is exhausted to the outside through the air duct;

(5)The equipment power can be set within range of 0~100%

2、Equipment main Technical Parameter

(1)Equipment total power: 22kW

(2)Effective diameter of irradiated area: 30mm

(3)Effective irradiation length: 1m

(4)Power supply: AC 380V

(5)Irradiation box size:2010*1100*1650mm(LxWxH)

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