Top 5 at home ice bath solution

Ice baths have been a staple routine for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those seeking quick recovery from intense physical activities. People start to find the best solution for an ice bath at home. Here are 5 at-home solutions to help you recover in your own home in an optimal way.

 >Top 5 At Home Ice Bath Solution

Buy ice from grocery store

Buying ice from the grocery store has its pros and cons. We recommend using 80 to 100 pounds of ice for a cold plunge. Here is the price from Walmart in Sacramento, California. This implies that each ice bath will cost you more than $15. If you are a beginner at ice diving, it is totally fine and worth trying. However, for individuals who truly enjoy this activity, the long-term costs can be significant. Also, buying that ice from the grocery store is less eco-friendly. Energy consumption, transplantation, packaging, and refrigeration can have various environmental impacts that may make them less eco-friendly. 

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Effortless way to get ice


Need a commercial ice machine

More expensive than chiller

Use chiller with bathtub

Using a chiller with a bathtub is what we recommend most. The ice bath chiller for home use is now very mature. More and more people are starting to use chillers connected to their bathtubs to get ice baths. You just need to wait a few times and see if the chiller can help you cool down the water to 32.0 °F (0 °C). Many chillers have a filter; it can filter dead skin cells, sebum, dirt, dust, and pollutants. After a few uses, it can keep the water clean. So it is okay to refill your water after a few baths. Also, many cold plunge chillers have heating features. If you want a hot water shower, it can satisfy you more than an ice bath. Consider this an investment. Yes, it costs you some money to buy a chiller, and if your bath tub doesn’t have a water-in and water-out outlet, you need to buy a portable ice bathtub. But every dollar you spend is worth it, and those ice bath kits can be used repeatedly, saving you money. 

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Affordable price


Straightforward way to cold plunge


Invest more money at beginning

Need bathtub have outlet

Make ice using ice cube tray

The ice cube tray for an ice bath is currently available for purchase in Amazon’s online store. It is big and solid. The beneficial side to using this kind of ice cube tray is that you only need to pay around 10 dollars to buy it. The downside to this ice cube tray is its significant inconvenience during use. Firstly, you need a large refrigerator to accommodate the cube trays. Second, remember that those ices are very heavy and not portable. Thirdly, removing ice from many ice cube trays, particularly large ones, can be challenging. It will take a lot of hours and energy to do this.

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Most inexpensive way


You need a big refrigerator

Challenging take-out ice

Use ice machine to make ice

Commercial ice machines are not cheap. They are most commonly used in coffee shops and restaurants. Remember, we need more than 80 pounds of ice every time we want to take an ice bath. So the commercial ice machine should be much bigger than the home ice machine you already own; it provides a convenient method of obtaining ice, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing dip whenever you desire. You can see the price in the picture: a commercial ice machine costs over $25,000. If you only buy a commercial ice machine for cold plunges, there is a better option for you. 

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Effortless way to get ice


Need a commercial ice machine

More expensive than chiller

Go to sauna room enjoy ice bath

Many people’s first ice plunge is in the sauna room. It is an uncomplicated method of ice bathing. If you are prone to frequent colds, visiting a sauna may not be the best option. First and foremost, high-priced saunas can be a significant financial burden. Secondly, we are uncertain about the number of individuals who have utilized their equivalent services. Some sauna rooms don’t clean their pools very often. The final issue is that not every sauna is equipped with an ice bath. Perhaps you need to travel a considerable distance to reach a sauna room equipped with a cold plunge system. Some people remain skeptical about the benefits of a sauna room. 

Syochi Saunas.


Uncomplicated way to ice bath



Not clean

Not every sauna have ice bath


Whether you’re new to ice bath therapy or a seasoned athlete, there’s some at-home solution that can help you find the best way for your needs and budget. Choose a solution that fits your lifestyle, whether it’s as simple as buying ice from the grocery store or as sophisticated as a high-tech chiller, and remember to continue the cold plunge to recovery and rejuvenation.

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