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Ice Bath Chiller Manufacturing

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Enjoy the Journey of An Ice Bath Chiller From Parts to Product

Learn how Syochi manages the whole manufacturing process of Ice Bath Chillers and completes your order on budget and on time, batch after batch.

Manufacturing of Refrigeration Systems
Manufacturing of
Electrical Systems
Syochi Ice Bath Maker
Ice Bath Chiller
Syochi Ice Bath Maker
And Packaging
The heart of Ice Bath Chiller performance

Manufacturing of Refrigeration Systems

At the heart of the Ice Bath Chiller lies its refrigerant circulation system, which directly influences the machine’s cooling and heating abilities. The operational performance of the Ice Bath Chiller hinges on the specific combination of compressors and condensers employed. Moreover, the integration of an ozone generator serves to purify water circulation.

Crafting the refrigerant circulation system for the Ice Bath Chiller demands meticulous attention to detail. Our skilled workers meticulously position and connect each component according to precise design specifications. Following assembly, thorough functional testing ensures the refrigerant circulation system operates flawlessly.

The brain of Ice Bath Chiller functionality

Manufacturing of Electrical Systems

The circuitry and control system of the Ice Bath Chiller are crucial for connecting various functional components of the chiller. In designing and manufacturing these circuits, we take into consideration the operational environment of the Ice Bath Chiller and waterproof the circuits and controllers to ensure their safety.

The Ice Bath Chiller circuit board is manufactured using printed circuit board (PCB) technology, involving processes such as layout design, board fabrication, printing, drilling, and component soldering. After soldering, components such as resistors, capacitors, and transistors are assembled according to the design layout.

The controller typically consists of microcontrollers or other control chips, which are soldered onto the circuit board and then connected to external devices such as sensors and actuators to form a complete control system. This system not only ensures the proper operation of the Ice Bath Chiller but also enhances its performance and reliability.

Achieve a unique appearance for your Ice Bath Chiller

Shell Manufacturing

Collaborating with a leading mold design agency, Syochi is bringing the Ice Bath Chiller housing design to fruition through comprehensive analysis of manufacturing flexibility. With a meticulously crafted mold, the molding process is ensured to be efficient and secure.

Utilizing state-of-the-art CNC machines and water jet cutters, Syochi creates high-precision molds for the Ice Bath Chiller with tight tolerances within ±0.01mm. This ensures that the designed housing can be molded perfectly.

Ice Bath Chiller Manufacturing

Assembling all the components

With compressors, condensers, and housing ready, the assembly workshop is tasked with combining all the parts.

Syochi follows a standardized assembly process with the help of a BOM sheet for each Ice Bath Chiller model, indicating the correct procedures and standards for assembly. All workers are required to complete the assembly according to the sheet.

Testing and Packaging

The assembled Ice Bath Chillers will undergo a 8-hour aging test Only when the chillers pass the test will they be sent to the packaging lines.

Aging Test


Finished Goods

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