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Professional. Passionate. Persevering.

Syochi team

Our Shared Goal: Grow Together With Our Clients

We treat every client with our sincerity. Syochi is known for the professional, passionate and persevering team.

Every member of our team is taking his responsibility to study the market, share his know-how and help our clients to grow. If we can do better to help our client reach their goals, nothing stops us from upgrading ourselves.


CEO & Founder of Syochi Anson Zhu

Anson Zhu

CEO & Founder of Syochi

With 15 years of experience in the refrigeration industry, Anson Zhu has led Syochi Ice Bath Chiller onto a trajectory of remarkable growth. Prior to assuming the role of CEO at Syochi, Anson spent a decade as a key figure in a leading refrigeration company, where he honed his expertise and gained invaluable insights into the industry.

As the visionary leader of the company, Anson spearheads the R&D efforts and exhibits unwavering enthusiasm for advancing Ice Bath Chiller technology. He firmly believes in the power of innovation and the synergy of a dedicated team to drive progress in the refrigeration industry.

Syochi Ice Bath Chiller never settles for what is easy. We embrace the challenge, doing the hard work to carve out our unique edge, ensuring that no one else can compete against us.

Sunny Huang

Director of Delivery Center, a seasoned expert in the manufacturing industry

Sunny is responsible for Ice Bath Chiller production at Syochi, and is well-versed in lean management throughout the factory and the entire supply chain. With over a decade of experience, she is dedicated to improving production efficiency and product quality.

Sunny leads the production team with unity, training, and motivation, driving upgrades to the overall management system of the Ice Bath Chiller factory. Currently, Syochi’s Chinese factory has passed verification procedures from multiple listed companies and renowned brands.

We see flaws that may not be seen with the naked eye, which moves us to take the extra mile in preventing this from happening again.

Director of Delivery Center, a seasoned expert in the manufacturing industry Sunny Huang

Meet The Team Behind

Sean Director of Sales
Embracing proactive strategies and the ethos of 'self-help leads to helping you,' the leadership in Syochi's sales ensures that Ice Bath Chiller solutions are perfectly aligned with customer needs. Expect a synthesis of teamwork and strategic foresight, delivering unmatched quality and value in every interaction.
Klose Director of Sales​ Syochi
Klose product manager
We prioritize listening to user feedback and needs, ensuring that our product design and features precisely meet customer expectations through thorough market research and user analysis. Proficient in crafting product strategies and roadmaps, we effectively manage priorities and progress throughout the product development process to ensure timely delivery and achievement of expected goals.
Ada regionális értékesítési vezető Syochi
Ada Regional Sales Manager
For the Australian market, Syochi's regional sales leadership embodies proactive engagement and a commitment to excellence. By aligning cutting-edge Ice Bath Chiller solutions with market-specific demands, the team endeavors to deliver exceptional service and sustainable value to every client.
ALinh regionális értékesítési igazgató Syochi
ALinh Regional Sales Manager
Guided by the principle 'your success is our success,' Syochi's regional sales leadership prioritizes customizing Ice Bath Chiller solutions to meet the distinct requirements of each market. Excellence in customer service and comprehensive market expertise are the pillars of delivering value and quality in the European sector.
Mint Key Account Manager Syochi
Mint Key Account Manager
Embracing the mantra 'client success is our success,' key account management at Syochi prioritizes building strong, trust-based relationships with major clients. By offering tailored Ice Bath Chiller solutions that align with unique business goals, the aim is to drive mutual success and innovation.
Sara Key Account Manager Syochi
Sara Key Account Manager
With a focus on 'excellence in every engagement,' Syochi's key account management ensures that each major client receives personalized attention and solutions. By understanding specific business challenges and opportunities, the goal is to provide Ice Bath Chiller solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.
Syochi Mr. Zhao Műszaki igazgató
Mr. Zhao Technical director
Syochi's technical leadership adheres to the core principles of respecting every customer and striving for excellence, prioritizing customer satisfaction through outstanding Ice Bath Chiller products. Committed to efficient organization and collaboration, we ensure to meet technical requirements through innovation and quality.
Kevin regionális értékesítési igazgató Syochi
Kevin Regional Sales Manager
Focusing on a collaborative approach in the South American market, Syochi's regional sales leadership integrates innovative Ice Bath Chiller technology with a thorough understanding of local needs. This synergy guarantees the provision of tailored, high-quality cooling solutions that foster client success.
Kelly Key Account Manager Syochi
Kelly Key Account Manager
Embracing a strategy of 'partnership for progress,' Syochi's key account management is dedicated to comprehending and fulfilling the specific requirements of major clients. With a focus on delivering high-quality, cost-effective Ice Bath Chiller solutions, the commitment is to foster long-term business growth and satisfaction.
Yuki Key Account Manager Syochi
Yuki Key Account Manager
Grounded in collaborative success, Syochi's key account management is dedicated to understanding the intricate needs of each major client. By delivering customizable and superior Ice Bath Chiller solutions, the focus is on enhancing client experiences and achieving shared business objectives.
Allan After-sales Manager Syochi
Allan After-sales Manager
We cannot guarantee that every Ice Bath Chiller sold will be free of issues. However, we can assure you that we will resolve any problems that arise with each product. Customer service is our core principle, and everyone in our after-sales team works together under this principle.

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