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OEM ice bath chiller

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The Journey of building your own chiller

from idea to product

Temperature Range


Safety Protection Features

Additional Features

Chiller Specifications to Match Your Local Market


Temperature Range

Minimum Temperature: Customizable down to 0°C (32°F) to meet low-temperature cooling needs.Non-custom models have a minimum temperature of 3°C (37.4°F).

 Maximum Temperature: Typically set to a maximum of 42°C (107.6°F) to ensure applicability in various environments.

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Cooling Power: Ranges from 780W to 5000W, suitable for a wide range of needs from hobbyists to professional gyms.

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Control System

Control Modes: Options include button control, smartphone control system, and touchscreen control system.

Features: Customizable temperature settings, timer function, remote monitoring (via Wi-Fi or Ethernet), data logging, and alarm functions to ensure ease of operation and comprehensive functionality.

Syochi Refrigerant Charging

Refrigerant Type

Eco-friendly Refrigerants: Options include R134a, R410a, R407c to comply with environmental regulations. Default Refrigerant: For environmental considerations, we recommend using R410a.

Aesthetics to fit your brand personality

Size and Appearance

Dimensions and Weight: Customizable based on installation space, offering three types: desktop, portable, and integrated bathtub models. Casing Material: Options include stainless steel and galvanized iron, meeting different environmental requirements for corrosion resistance and cleanliness.

Safety Protection Features
Overload Protection: Safeguards motors and other components from overload damage.
Water Shortage Protection: Monitors water levels to avoid equipment failure due to water shortage.
Low Temperature Protection: Ensures safe operation at low temperatures, preventing damage or process issues due to excessively low temperatures.

Together, create a chiller that sets your market apart

Additional Features

Noise Control: Low-noise design suitable for home or gym environments requiring quiet operation.

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER or COP): High-efficiency compressors and heat exchangers improve energy efficiency and save energy.

Corrosion Resistance: Corrosion-resistant materials and special coatings make it suitable for environments with corrosive media.

Portability: Equipped with casters or handles for easy mobility and use.

Information Needed from Users for Customization

When customizing an ice bath chiller, users need toprovide the following information:
Usage environment (e.g. indoor or outdoor, cleanliness requirements, etc.).
Detailed parameters of the object or space to be cooled(e.g. volume, material, initial temperature, etc.).Operating cycle and frequency of use.Any special requirements (e.g. explosion-proof design,dust-proof design, etc.).

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