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Design-Obsessed Team and Attitude

Syochi’s R&D department boasts a premier team of skilled engineers and designers, led by our founder, Anson Zhu. With a steadfast dedication to quality development and results, we have acquired over 30 patents in as little as 4 years.

Unified as a team, we are devoted to introducing innovative Ice Bath Chiller products that excel in the market.Our design process is inspired by your needs and feedback, allowing us to tailor our solutions accordingly and leverage our manufacturing expertise.

Syochi design concept

We don't just solve current problems; we also anticipate future challenges our customers may encounter.

-Anson Zhu CEO of Syochi

We actively design and manufacture solutions, enabling them to be prepared for challenges before they even emerge

Syochi ice bath chiller design drawings
Syochi ice bath chiller sample test

While some companies may come to a standstill after understanding customer needs, designing solutions, and providing them, the Syochi ice bath brand delves deeper into the pursuit of innovation.

We not only content ourselves with finding solutions for existing problems but also look towards the future, anticipating challenges customers might face.

Want To Be the Next Winning Brand?

Syochi’s Ice Bath Chiller and services provide you with an undeniable advantage over your competitors