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Eco First, Profit Second.

The environment is Syochi’s top priority over our profit margins. To achieve our goal of a sustainable production facility, we have invested in advanced manufacturing machinery and employ environmentally friendly materials and refrigerants.

This enables us to reduce energy consumption and harmful emissions, thereby lowering our carbon footprint.

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Hello environment, goodbye Freon

Through comprehensive market research and meticulous tracking of technological advancements, we are dedicated to crafting ice bath machines that offer heightened refrigeration efficiency while causing minimal harm to the ozone layer.

Syochi employs R410A or R134A as refrigerants, enabling users to attain the desired temperature with reduced power consumption. This not only helps in lowering electricity costs but also contributes to environmental conservation efforts.


Talents: The Long-Term Driven Force

Syochi recruits young and dynamic talents who undergo our training program focused on sustainable industry practices and community engagement.

The investment we make in our team ensures their ability to develop efficient and sustainable solutions for ice bath chillers in the future.

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