Provoz a řízení chladičů ledové lázně

teplotu vody lze nastavit v rozmezí 3 až 42 stupňů Celsia (37,4 až 107,6 °F). Můžeme také nastavit chlazení na teplotu blízkou 0 stupňům Celsia (32°F).

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Can the chiller temperature be adjusted at any time?

Yes, the water temperature can be adjusted between 3-42 degrees Celsius (37.4°F to 107.6°F). We can also set the chiller to cool down to near 0 degrees Celsius (32°F).

How to control an ice bath chiller?

Control it via the touch screen or by using an app connected to WiFi, allowing convenient temperature adjustments and other smart settings.

How to use an ice bath chiller?

Operate it through the control panel or an app connected to WiFi, following the instructions provided in the manual.

What do I need for remote control of the chiller?

You need a smartphone, the Tuya app, and a WiFi network to remotely control the ice bath chiller.

How to reset the chiller settings?

Use the factory reset function available on the touch screen.

How to make the chiller heat?

Set the chiller’s water temperature higher than the current water temperature to activate the heating function.

How to adjust the ozone time?

Adjust the ozone working time through the touch screen, setting an appropriate ozone disinfection duration according to your needs.

How to operate the chiller?

Operate it by tapping the touch screen or using the app for remote control, allowing easy adjustment of various settings.

How to control multiple chillers simultaneously?

Currently, one smartphone can only control one chiller at a time. You can use the phone to connect to different chillers to achieve multi-machine control.

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