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Syochi Commercial Ice Bath Chiller

What people are saying about Syochi Rand?

I am a retailer of ice bath machines based in California, USA. Syochi has fulfilled various requests from our beloved customers while providing comprehensive after-sales solutions. Whenever there is an issue, simply take a photo and send it to the technicians via WhatsApp, and they will take care of everything.

Patric Muller

The Syochi ice bath is renowned for its outstanding features and reliability – this is beyond doubt. It guarantees the highest performance rating, catering to various needs, including adjusting water temperature between 3 to 42 degrees and providing constant temperature functionality. Additionally, the Syochi Commercial ice bath chiller is equipped with ozone and UV sterilization technology, ensuring clean water in the tub.

With remote WIFI connectivity control, you can effortlessly operate it anytime, anywhere. The dual filtration system protects the equipment, ensuring water cleanliness. The child lock feature on the screen and adjustable sleep time provide users with additional convenience and safety. The Syochi ice bath is your optimal choice for work, recovery, and relaxation.

Dave Moellenhoff

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