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Integrated Components

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water filtration systems

According to customer demands, we can install or design water purification systems for the ice bath machine, including options like ozone generators and water filtration systems, depending on temperature requirements.

Syochi Chiller Controller Circuit Board

Control systems and applications

According to customer needs, we can adjust or design the control system of the ice bath machine, including temperature control system, circulation control system, and safety protection system. Additionally, the control panel and application can also be optimized and adjusted according to customer requirements.

Ice bath chiller Titanium Heat Exchanger

Titanium Heat Exchanger

A titanium heat exchanger is typically used to transfer heat between two fluids, transferring thermal energy from one fluid to another. Our designs can be adjusted according to specific application requirements, including different shapes, sizes, and heat transfer surface areas. Due to titanium’s excellent corrosion resistance, titanium heat exchangers are usually able to withstand long-term use in highly corrosive environments without experiencing corrosion or performance degradation issues.

Ice bath chiller Custom cooling Systems

Custom cooling Systems

This is the core component of the refrigeration system, used to produce and maintain low-temperature water or ice water. The chiller typically uses a compressor and condenser to lower the water temperature. We can adjust the power and design of the cooling system according to your usage environment and requirements.

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