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Innovation in Water Chiller

Our innovation helps clients prepare for issues before they occur​

How do we drive innovation?

While some companies may come to a standstill after understanding customer needs, designing solutions, and providing them, the Syochi ice bath brand delves deeper into the pursuit of innovation. We not only content ourselves with finding solutions for existing problems but also look towards the future, anticipating challenges customers might face. We actively design and manufacture solutions, enabling them to be prepared for challenges before they even emerge.

Initial product

UV sterilization, cotton filter with a single cup, and a 2-minute startup. Internal structure need optimization.

Syochi's first generation ice bath chiller

Gen-2 product

Ozone sterilization, cotton filter, single cup filtration, 2-minute startup. Improved internal structure for better performance.

Syochi second generation ice bath chiller

Third-gen product

Ozone sterilization, paper filter, filter cup, pineapple head filter. Starts in 1 min, ongoing internal structure enhancements.

Syochi third generation ice bath chiller

Fourth-gen product

Ozone sterilization, 20-micron paper filter, external cup, and built-in 80-mesh filter. Starts in 30 seconds, meeting various safety standards with an optimized internal structure.

Syochi fourth generation ice bath chiller

Syochi SY-Pro Ice Bath Chiller

Utilizing ozone sterilization, a 5-inch touch screen, enhanced vacuum pump evacuation, and advanced filtration with dual filters and a paper filter core.

Syochi Ice Bath Chiller Commercial Front

Syochi xy Жилищна ледена баня Chiller

Ozone sterilization, paper filter, filter cup, pineapple head filter for filtration. Starts in 1 minute, ongoing improvements in internal structure

Syochi xy Жилищна ледена баня Chiller

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Syochi’s Ice Bath Chiller and services provide you with an undeniable advantage over your competitors.