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If you have connections with professionals in the hotel, fitness, or cold bath industries, we encourage you to become a key intermediary for Syochi.
Utilize our 15 years of outstanding manufacturing experience and cutting-edge technology to offer customizable Ice Bath Chiller solutions.
By collaborating with a brand synonymous with quality and innovation, enhance your professional network, and enjoy generous referral fees in return.
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At Syochi, we understand that your business requires more than just ice bath services – it needs innovative solutions that contribute to your success. Our years of industry experience have honed our expertise in ice baths and cooling systems, enabling us to offer products that not only meet but exceed your expectations. We delve into the potential of each design, ensuring that our cooling system solutions enhance the efficiency and reliability of your business. By choosing Syochi, you’re partnering with a manufacturer committed to the development and growth of your business.

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Delivering Premium Ice Bath Chillers to Globally Recognized
Brands Since 2009

I am a retailer of ice bath machines based in California, USA. Syochi has fulfilled various requests from our beloved customers while providing comprehensive after-sales solutions. Whenever there is an issue, simply take a photo and send it to the technicians via WhatsApp, and they will take care of everything.
Patric Muller
US retailer
Syochi ice bath machines are renowned for their OEM services and reliability - this unit is no exception. It has earned the "best" rating for its versatility, fitting perfectly in various settings such as gyms, hotels, home baths, and even pools. The 120V ice bath machine offers a maximum 5000W cooling capacity, doubling your work efficiency...
Michael Clark
Australian retailer
As hotel managers from New Zealand, we introduced a batch of Syochi ice baths three years ago. Their engineering and after-sales team has been exceptionally professional, often dispatching engineers to assist with the setup and maintenance of the ice baths. Currently, our operations are in good shape, and the quality of service at our hotel has been enhanced.
Kent Milestone
Hotel manager

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Syochi's One-stop Service: Reliability, Convenience,
and Peace of Mind

1.Understand your marketand customer's real needs

2.Innovate an Ice Bath Chiller that sells uniquely

6. Be the exclusive one to sell in your local market

Syochi Water Chillers cold tubs Manufacturer

Our Mission​

Having collaborated with numerous foreign professional research institutions over the years, we are well-versed in the future research and development trends and directions of the Ice Bath Chiller industry.

Simultaneously, we have a strong presence in our customers’ markets, deploying our engineering teams to gain insights into the actual usage of local Ice Bath Chillers and assess after-sales conditions. Utilizing the analysis of this data, we continually refine our product designs.

Our mission is to comprehend our customers’ desires and fulfill their needs. We collaborate with our co-branding partners to create high-quality Ice Bath Chillers that cater to user requirements.

Company News

Syochi - Tokyo ice bath Exhibition 2

We are thrilled to announce that Syochi is gearing up for the highly anticipated 33rd Tokyo International Sports and Fitness Exhibition 2024! As a leading brand in sports recovery, we are excited to present our latest innovations and cutting-edge equipment at this prestigious event.

Syochi-ice bath man

Ice bath chillers are popular equipment in the modern health and fitness arena and are fast becoming a must-have tool for athletes, fitness enthusiasts and health seekers. This article will detail the features of ice bath machines and help you choose the best one for your home.

Syochi ice bath 2

Ice baths have been a staple routine for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those seeking quick recovery from intense physical activities. People start to find the best solution for an ice bath at home. Here are 5 at-home solutions to help you recover in your own home in an optimal way.

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